Carbon intelligence for the electronics industry.

Connecting OEMs and component suppliers with instant, scientifically vetted carbon calculations.

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Trusted by experts in the industry

"This is filling some critical gaps in the industry. I've been looking for a solution like this for the last year.”
F500 client testimonial
SR. Director, Sustainability
Fortune 500 Computer Hardware company
“This has saved me hundreds of hours modelling missing emissions factors from EcoInvent.”
LCA Consultant Client Testimonial
LCA Consultant
Environmental Consulting Firm
"This can help me get instant emission hotspots at the product-level so I can build customer trust.”
Head of sustainability client
Global head of sustainability, marketing & sAles
European Semiconductor Company
“This is hugely powerful to get quick carbon data on my product components to share with internal stakeholders.”
Product Compliance
Senior manager, product compliance
Global Electronic Components Manufacturer
your AI-Researcher

Get 10x the insight at 1/10 the effort

Save hundreds of manual hours matching and modelling missing emission factors.

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Quick Data Selection

Get quick and accurate product emission factors from 30+ public and private environmental databases, like ecoinvent, GHG Protocol, CBAM and more.

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Uncover Missing Data

Uncover missing emission factors from 12M scientific literature at your fingertips.

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What-if Analysis

Build instant, interactive 'what-if scenarios' for electronic products and unblock decisions in real-time.

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IP & Privacy Protection

Trust your data is protected with SOC 2 compliance.


Drive impact at the speed of ideas

AI-Researcher finds you the most recent and accurate emission factors from 30+ public and private databases and Environmental Public Declarations (EPDs) - in minutes, not months.

LCA Engineer

"There is little to no electronic data in Ecoinvent, or it's 10+ years old. Sluicebox helped me find the most recent data from sources I wouldn't have known about." 

Global Data Center Company
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Carbon Calculation for electronic components